Alliance International Servicing is looking for an ambitious individual to join the insurance claims team as a Claims Executive.

Role Profile – Claims Executive

Job Title: Claims Executive
Location: Bangkok
Manager: Claims Manager
Hours: As required


Role Purpose

In a service-based claims environment the Claims Executive will be responsible for taking claims through the claims life-cycle end-to-end. This starts with registering incoming claims, checking for relevant documentation, assessing and adjudicating claims, communicating with members and medical facilities and approving / rejecting claims before closing them. The process includes a key data entry function and a strong focus on timely and efficient assessment of indemnity and expense payments.

The role will involve interaction with insured clients and medical facilities to obtain claim related information as well as responding to customer inquiries. The Claims Executive will maintain various claims processing and procedure records which will be used by management to assess claims team performance and operational efficiency.

Operating as a part of a claims processing unit, the Claims Executive will have top class product knowledge and will assess claims in accordance with policy benefits, resolving each claim based on coverage, appraisal, and verifiable facts. The Claims Executive’s work will ensure complete and sound claims adjudications, legal reviews and investigations in accordance with insurer policies and procedures whilst dealing with claims related queries from clients.