The world's most visited international insurance & financial services website

As the world’s first international insurance aggregator, NowCompare is seen by many as the market leader and innovator of online insurance and financial services and has helped shape the insurance industry globally.

With clients around the world, the volume of business carried out by NowCompare has placed it as the world’s most visited international insurance comparison website and continues to grow significantly having seen a growth rate exceeding 100% each year for the last 7 years.

With dedicated platforms in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Thailand, NowCompare has built a diversified business model that is well positioned for further in country growth and geographical expansion in the coming years and has announced the delivery of strategic development throughout the world in the coming years.

By utilizing the strong infrastructure and buying power of the Alliance Group as a whole, NowCompare has become a unique client offering, providing products and services to the market that would otherwise be unobtainable by competing websites.

As the World’s first international insurance aggregator, NowCompare has been able to leverage this “first to market” position to not only implement a superior product offering but to also develop a service model that gives the company a complete competitive advantage including the ability to ring fence the entire sales process within the Alliance Group and by having exclusive delegated authority to complete transactions online or by telephone on behalf of over 50% of the international insurance providers operating within international markets.

With terms of business in place with over 98% of the international providers, NowCompare is truly the most comprehensive international aggregator and has delivered results and growth that are completely unrivalled.

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